In the midst of tensions over Ukraine, Russia expelled the US Deputy Chief of Mission

In the midst of the ongoing tensions over Ukraine, Russia launched another volley by expelling the deputy head of mission from the US embassy, dealing a further blow to the deteriorating east-west ties. Bart Gorman, the United States’ number two diplomat, was told to depart on Thursday by Moscow.

Russia said that the government was asked to leave in response to the u.s visa war where a senior official was expelled Russian foreign ministry spokesperson even clarified that the move comes after the unjustified expulsion of Russia’s minister council by Washington before a replacement could be found.

The US state department has confirmed that what government was asked to leave the country they’ve called the move unprovoked and an escalatory step, the white house secretary confirmed that Washington was mulling its response adding that it was imperative necessary diplomatic personnel is in place to facilitate the communication.

Karine Jean-Pierre said that “Russia’s actions against our deputy chief of a mission who was a key member of the embassy’s leadership team was unprovoked now more than ever it is critical that our countries have the necessary diplomatic personnel in place to facilitate communication between our governments the state department has said they consider this as an escalatory step.”

Moscow claims that the united states are to blame for the worsening diplomatic ties adding that Russia had repeatedly offered to stop the degradation of the diplomatic ties between the two countries Russia had raised complaints against American authorities blocking visas to its diplomats are issuing them very slowly.

In perhaps what seems to be the sign of the times the united states says that the expulsion of its number two diplomat from Moscow was quote-unquote unprovoked after the state department confirmed on Thursday that Bart Gorman had been expelled. The Russian state media was first to report the news and the state department did confirm it on Thursday, However, a state department spokesman said that Gortman had left his post and had returned as early as last week.

The spokesman also said that we consider this an escalatory step and are considering our response, however, it’s not yet clear how the united states plan to retaliate, we call on Russia to end its baseless expulsion of u.s diplomats and staff and to work productively to rebuild our mission continued the spokesman of the state department now more than ever it is critical that our countries have the necessary diplomatic personnel in place to facilitate communications between our governments.

Russia has stated categorically that it once all US troops out of eastern and central Europe and has warned that it could respond militarily if Washington does not meet its security demands. Moscow’s statement was in response to the united states office of a diplomatic solution to the crisis in which the Russian foreign ministry indicated that there was little to discuss the Russian foreign ministry said that in absence of a will on the American side to negotiate binding guarantees on our security Russia will be forced to respond.

Now, according to Russian media, Moscow has also proposed that the united states put a halt to having medium and short-range missiles in Europe, this is part of the dialogue on security guarantees. The statement is the latest in the back and forth between Russia and the West on Moscow sweeping security demands first put forward back in December last year now the crux of Russia’s demands are this first a ban on Ukraine joining nato secondly scaling back nato’s military presence in eastern Europe and former soviet states the united states has rejected these demands and has put forward proposals of its own in its.

In its document Russia also denied planning to invade Ukraine and said that there is no such invasion that the united states and its allies have been announcing since last fall, Russia’s foreign ministry added that Moscow’s red lines and security interests continue to be ignored.

(Image Source: CBS News)

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