In 2024, flying taxis may become a reality

We’ve been told that companies all around the world are working to bring flying taxis to our cities and that these flying cabs will reduce travel time in half and be less expensive than a helicopter ride.

You may be able to book one in two years. It may not be too long before you see air taxis in the sky and we are talking 2025. That’s three years from now a Japanese airline plans to bring air taxis to Osaka by then flying vehicles and will be connecting the airport to the city’s centers they will reduce travel time to 1/4th.

In Singapore, air taxis could be taking off before 2025. The country is looking at a 2024 launch the plan is similar the taxis will connect the Changi airport to marina bay and Sentosa they will reduce travel time and hassle Singapore completed flying taxi trials in 2019. All that’s left now is a commercial rollout a popular Asian airline is planning to bring air taxis to all southeast Asian countries by 2025.

Orders have been placed for at least 100 flying cars and Boeing is building these flying taxis, so are Airbus, Hyundai, and several other big companies and now the question is how will these flying taxis look.

Well very different not just for more present-day cars but from each other air taxis will come in several shapes and sizes some will have helicopter type rotors and some airplane type wings there will also be air taxis that will look like our conventional cars with wings basically. The designers are going all out these flying cars and are expected to cover 280 kilometers in an hour and an airplane covers up to 930 kilometers per hour a fast car on the highway covers 120.

So are flying taxis will be somewhere in between cars and airplanes but isn’t that where helicopters come in, if the idea is to have urban air transport and flying vehicles that take off vertically can’t we just have more choppers instead! well, we can but air taxis are more advanced they are also quieter than helicopters at least a hundred times they are also safer cleaner, and cheaper.

Currently, a helicopter ride from manhattan to new york’s John F Kennedy airport costs two hundred dollars, and a shared air taxi ride will cost seventy dollars that’s less than half of the urban air taxis are basically cleaner cheaper, and better-looking choppers. According to a frost and Sullivant study found 430000 such air taxis could be flying in our skies by 2040.

Morgan Stanley believes the autonomous urban aircraft market could be worth 1.5 trillion dollars by 2040. That’s a lot of money and a lot of time saved in traffic we look forward to happy landings.

(Image Source: Al Jazeera)

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