How Turkish Drone Bayraktar tb2 is helping Ukraine to fight Russia?

Ukraine is always under attack. How will it defend itself if Russia invades? It’s relying on killer robots drones that might offer it an advantage over Russian forces, the Bayraktar tb2 being one of them. It’s a Turkish-made drone capable of attacking targets from kilometers away. Ukraine used it to effectively assault a pro-Russian rebel convoy last year, and it’s using it again today as it prepares for a possible Russian invasion. Kyiv expects this drone to help balance Moscow’s massive military superiority.

Ukraine is living under a constant threat how will it defend itself if Russia invades its betting on killer robots drones that could give it an edge over the Russian armed forces chief among them is the Bayraktar tb2 it’s a Turkish made drone capable of striking targets from miles away last year Ukraine used it to successfully attack a pro-Russian rebel convoy today as it braces itself for a possible Russian invasion Kyiv expects this drone to offset the enormous military advantage that Moscow enjoys.

A Turkish-made drone capable of striking targets from miles away three months since Ukraine first used it thousands of Russian troops have amassed at its borders they’re waiting for Moscow’s orders to launch an offensive this drone is back in the news as well it is expected to offset the enormous military advantage that Russia enjoys we are not saying this the Ukrainians are.

Igor is the head of Ukraine’s parliamentary subcommittee on defense modernization he says these drones could give Ukraine a decisive edge over Russia how exactly to understand that we’ll have to look at what these drones are capable of.

It made in turkey with international parts the Bayraktar tb2 tb2 has been a tactical game-changer in numerous conflicts this includes the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war also the ongoing civil wars in Syria and Libya in all three cases Russian forces have struggled to take it down here’s why the tb2 can stay quietly aloft for 24 hours and reach a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet a remote operator can control its actions from 185 miles away under ideal conditions it can laser locate targets from 12 miles away which can help it evade Russian anti-aircraft systems.

This drone can also fire its own guided missiles and it can take off from roads, not just airport runways how many of these drones does Ukraine have roughly 20 so far, but more are on the way on a visit to Kyiv this month Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan deal to co-produce these drones with Ukraine.

A Ukrainian aerospace firm has agreed to provide the engines this deal is said to have rattled Moscow U.S intel reports suggest that Russia could use these drones to stage a possible false flag operation and create a pretext for invading Ukraine how effective will these drones be if this happens truth be told not much the tb2 may be a potent weapon but it may prove futile before the Russian juggernaut Moscow has far better air defense capabilities thousands of anti-aircraft missiles self-propelled guns and radio jammers.

(Image Source: Overt Defence)

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