How CIA failed to Predict the Russian Attack on Ukraine?

Remember that the US Central Intelligence Agency said that Russia would attack February 16th, but that did not happen. Cracking a probable date for Russia’s attack is perhaps the CIA’s biggest challenge right now. It was only days ago that the US President told western leaders that Russia might launch an invasion on February 16th, but it was the US National Security Advisor who spoke of a definite date.

At a white house press briefing last week he said “I will not comment on the details of our intelligence information but I do want to be clear it could begin during the olympics despite a lot of speculation that it would only happen after the Olympics.”


The 20th of February that’s what’s worrying the CIA and Russian experts it happens to be the last day of the winter Olympics in Beijing speculation remains right that Vladimir Putin would not launch an invasion before the closing ceremony this only to keep the Chinese president Xi Jinping happy interestingly the 20th of February is also when the largest military exercise since the cold war is scheduled to end Moscow and Minsk have promised the Russian president’s troops would head home.

But the nato has already dismissed Moscow’s claims of a Russian army retreat as being false the Munich security conference also happens to end on the 20th of February leaders like the u.s vice president Kamala harris the u.s secretary of state Anthony Blinken the Ukrainian president will be participating in person for the kremlin to attack Ukraine when these leaders and specifically their leaders are abroad could prove to be ultimate humiliation interestingly no Russian official is attending the transatlantic gathering.

The u.s officials have also warned of Russia’s plans to conduct a nuclear exercise in mid-February not just as a show of force to the u.s but to also couple the invasion with the drill many including Ukraine believe that the US is only drumming up the war rhetoric.

The fact remains that the CIA has been left at its width end by Russia a country governed by Putin a former kgb agent Ukraine is just the latest flashpoint for the two intelligence giants considering the CIA and the kgb have jockeyed for advantage against each other for decades now, especially throughout the cold war countless campaigns were launched against each other many resulted in proxy wars and assassinations the theft of America’s atom bomb secrets was the kgb’s greatest crew.

(Image Source: Al Jazeera)

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