Have Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber Been Caught Parking in Disabled Spots?

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are facing backlash after photographers captured them parking in handicapped spaces on many occasions. If you reside in Los Angeles, you know how difficult it is to find a parking spot.

If you’re a high-profile celebrity like Kendall Jenner or Hailey Bieber who is constantly pursued by the paparazzi, you can only imagine how difficult it is to obtain a parking spot… that is, if you don’t have a driver driving you about.

When parking is scarce, it’s no secret that some people without impairments may be enticed to park in “accessible parking spaces.”

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber

Nonetheless, paparazzi have spotted both Hailey and Kendall parking in these areas outside their pilates class on numerous occasions. While we don’t believe Kendall and Hailey intended to disrespect anyone with a disability, it is illegal to park in these accessible locations without a permit! It’s also for regular people, not the rich and famous, who require these parking modifications.

Not to mention that these kinds of adjustments should not be used by persons who do not require them! So, what exactly is going on here? Why are these celebrity pals repeatedly doing something that is both illegal and likely to be captured on camera for the entire world to see and judge?

What’s the deal? I mean, the typical individual couldn’t and shouldn’t get away with this, so what’s the deal? According to TMZ, sources close to Kendall claim that the owner of Kendall’s pilates studio has ordered them to park in those designated places because their presence is causing a paparazzi stir.

Other celebs have been told to do the same thing when they come, according to sources close to Hailey. Their security personnel would usually move their automobiles while the girls are in class, according to the outlet. If the automobiles aren’t relocated, security will assist them in doing so if necessary.

Of course, this revelation did not go down well with social media users! I don’t get it, wrote one individual. Why don’t they just have their security pick them up and drop them off in front of the studio so they don’t have to park there if they already enable their security to relocate their vehicles after they go into class?

“As someone on the verge of being incapacitated, this is infuriating,” another individual responded. Because ableism is extremely real, not appreciating accommodations made for persons with disabilities – and, by implication, not respecting people with disabilities in general – is not cool in 20-22. “The owner says it’s fine,” stated the last individual. It doesn’t matter, bro; accessibility is the name of the game.” The studio owner also does not own the parking space, according to TMZ’s investigation.

At the end of the day, the law is the law, so we’ll see if Kendall and Hailey face real penalties beyond being chastised for their acts and, at the very least, refrain from parking in these allocated areas.

(Image Source: Eonline, TMZ)

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