Gabriel Boric Biography: How did he become Chile’s Youngest President?

Gabriel Boric, a socialist millennial, became Chile’s youngest president in the country’s history. He’s 35 years old, and he’s promised to change Chile in a way that fulfills the country’s youth’s expectations. He will be the country’s new president and the country’s youngest ever, he is only 35 years old, but his aims are lofty. He has been dubbed Chile’s most left-wing president since Salvador Allende, who was deposed in 1973.

What Gabriel Boric has done to Deserve this Title?

Gabriel Boric

He has promised to boost Chile’s minimum wage, lower the cost of education and health care, improve the country’s social safety net, combat climate change, and extend rights to indigenous peoples, gays, and transgender people. All of these pledges were made during Gabriel Boric’s election campaign, and they helped him overcome a far-right opponent by a whopping 10% margin. Not only that, but despite his youth and lack of political experience, he is Chile’s first president to earn the most votes in the country’s history.

Thousands of joyful supporters of Gabriel Boric greeted the left-wing candidate’s amazing and hard-fought triumph after he won the election. Former student leaders had to leap over masses and scale obstacles to reach the podium, where he offered a reassuring message to the nation. He said, “our government has the conviction to look forward at the challenges that we have before us it cannot be just changed by talking to the mirror I’m not here to only speak to people who think like me to change the way people who think differently we are here to ensure that once and for all there are courses sufficient for all Chileans and we can achieve a wonderful life.” For the first time in 40 years, a president will attempt to change Chile’s free-market economic model, which millions of Chileans believe is responsible for extreme social inequality. Conservative president Sebastian Pineda, who also opposed Boric, rushed to make the traditional conciliatory phone call.

Who is Gabriel Boric?

Gabriel Boric

Gabriel Boric was born in 1986, the son of a chemical engineer and a government employee. He studied law at the University of Chile, but owing to his involvement, he never completed the study. Later, in 2011, he became interested in student politics, and in 2013, he was elected to the country’s assembly and sworn into the chamber of deputies. In 2017, he was re-elected to the office, and he announced his intention to run for president in 2021.

His win has dispelled all reservations, revealing the changing face of Chilean politics. He was considered a dark horse in the presidential contest since he was popular but not enough to be termed president material. Boric’s triumph was aided by Chile’s young, particularly millennials, who were fed up with decades of dividend policies and reportedly voted in huge numbers for him. His triumph, as well as the outpouring of support on social media and in the streets, are proof.

Gabriel Boric revealed his first centrist government soon after taking office, and the country’s cabinet is poised to be controlled by women for the first time in Chile’s history. 14 women are among the 24 new ministers in the president’s cabinet. Former socialist president Salvador Aliden’s granddaughter, Maya Fernandez, has been named defense minister. President Gabriel Boric has appointed incumbent central bank chief Mario Muscle as Chile’s finance minister, while Dr. Iskia Sichel, the leader of the national medical organization, is scheduled to take command of the interior ministry. The new women-majority cabinet is being enthusiastically applauded. Aside from that, at least six ministers in the cabinet are under the age of 40.

These are the student leaders and activists who spearheaded rallies in 2011 in support of improved and free education, following Boric’s historic presidential election victory in which he promised substantial reforms in the health and education sectors, as well as fighting to raise the country’s minimum wage.

(Image Source: East Mojo, NBC, BBC)

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