France has requested that its citizens leave Ukraine, and NATO has relocated its staff from Kyiv to Lviv

Western nations are working feverishly to address the crisis in eastern Europe, which has raised concerns about Russia’s unique military training schedule, but President Putin appears unfazed. Russia has begun strategic nuclear training, and imagery from the drills now shows ballistic missile launches. The drills, despite being only a few minutes long, display Russia’s military power.

Vladimir Putin and his all-weather ally Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko oversaw military exercises jets, helicopters, tanks, and paratroopers were part of this drill Belarus has made its loyalty to Russia clear as day the president is prepared to back its neighbor in case a conflict does arise.

The west fears that ongoing exercises could be used as a cover ahead of an invasion of Ukraine. the US says that Russia has amassed 150,000 troops at the Ukrainian border but Russia defends its move claiming that it does not owe the west any kind of explanation about what goes on in its territory.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is conducting its drills mirroring Russia and according to the defense minister the drone anti-tanks, javelin and missiles have all been part of this exercise. The world is looking at Russia closely now watching every move the u.s says that Russia could attack Ukraine in a few days while Russia says that it has no intentions of doing so.

The situation in Ukraine is only worsening by the day and no diplomatic solution is in sight more countries are airing on the side of caution and advising their citizens to leave Ukraine. The latest to do so is France which has urged its citizens to leave the Ukrainian regions of Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Indonesia without delay.

After an upsurge in shelling and it was reported in the last three days a travel advisory was issued by the french foreign ministry and also advised its citizens to leave Ukraine if they do not have urgent business there, this follows a similar warning from Germany that told its nationals to leave Ukraine now because a military confrontation is possible at any time.

Germany’s Lufthansa group also announced that it is suspending flights to and from the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Odesa, the company which also owns swiss, Brussels, and Austrian airlines will conduct some last flights over the weekend before suspending flights Monday onwards till the end of the month. It will however continue to fly to the city of la view in western Ukraine where some countries have moved their embassies.

Nato to announce that it is relocating its staff from Kyiv the capital of Ukraine to the city of Levu located in the western part of the country nato officials said the move was done for safety reasons and nato offices in Ukraine remained operational this follows similar decisions by the united states and the UK to relocate their embassies.

(Image Source: NYPost)

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