Following his split from Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes reconnects with his spiritual side

Just months after his divorce with Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes was caught enjoying some R&R in Hawaii, which included a spiritual seaside ritual with a brunette yogi.

Following his separation with Camila Cabello late last year, Shawn Mendes appears to have been doing some soul searching. While in Hawaii on Friday, he was seen in the midst of what looked to be some sort of seaside ceremony with brunette yogi Hitomi Mochizuki, and the two appeared to be incredibly in tune with their spiritual sides.

Shawn Mendes 

Both Shawn and Camila, according to Instagram, follow Hitomi, who identifies herself as a “Forest Nymph and Ashtanga Yogi.” Many images showing the two sitting on a blanket with one end of a two-pronged device in his nose and the other in her mouth have appeared. Shawn was doing a Rapé ceremony, which is a collection of ancient Amazonian herbs meant to “wash oneself of bad energy, assist with pain alleviation, and accelerate detoxification, helping to eliminate excess mucus, toxins, and pathogens,” according to Medium.

As part of the ceremony, the two sat cross-legged in the woods, and at one point, they clasped their hands and peered deeply into each other’s eyes. Following the wedding, Shawn was seen going about the island barefoot while sipping water and taking a small coffee break.

Shawn hasn’t said if he’s in Hawaii for fun, work, or both, but he did post a series of images on Instagram late last week with a bunch of folks enjoying life on island time. Shawn might be gathering inspiration for his next musical releases, but many believe he’s taking some much-needed time for himself in the wake of his dramatic separation with Camila.

Shawn released a new tune, “It’ll Be Ok,” last month, that was ostensibly inspired by the split, confessing in the behind-the-scenes video that he was “…truly desiring to produce music that sounded extremely honest and super raw and was going through some painful stuff at the time.” He said that he loves to return to his birthplace of Toronto, Canada, where the music video was shot, to “process things,” and that here is “…where you’ll find me in my most private moments.”

Camila has now previewed new music that looks to be highly emotional and sensitive, yet the two have been photographed together in recent weeks, demonstrating that they are still able to maintain a degree of respect and affection for one another while navigating their new normals.

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