Sophia Rose Wilson, star of ‘Euphoria,’ has been criticized for racist statements on social media!

Sophia Rose Wilson, who starred in Euphoria, is facing backlash after some of her provocative social media postings resurfaced, using racist slurs and celebrating political successes.

A number of troubling social media posts from Euphoria actor Sophia Rose Wilson have surfaced, prompting some to call for her to leave the programme. Sophia, who plays Barbara “BB” Brooks (also known as “Vape Girl”) in the drama series, had her debut appearance in season 1 and, while not being the main character, is best renowned for her one-liners.

Sophia Rose Wilson

However, some of Sophia’s previous “one-liners” have gotten her in trouble, as shown by a viral TikTok video shared last week, which exposed inappropriate Facebook messages shared from an account using the name Sophia Rose Wilson in 2016. One post in particular uses the n-word as well as the R-word, which is a kind of hate speech directed at people with intellectual disabilities… The other, which reads, “Trump just won Ohio!!” with a laughing/winking emoji, celebrates former President Donald Trump’s 2016 triumph.

The viral video had 2.6 million views at the time of publishing, and the TikTok user who shared it told the Daily Dot that the Facebook posts “resurfaced for the first time when season 1 was released,” but that no one noticed because it happened around the same time as Barbie Ferreira’s racist posts. Many fans eventually connected the dots and commented on a video in which Sophia was seen following the rest of the Euphoria cast, but “no one followed her,” to which one commentator added, “I was sad for her but now I get it.”

Sophia Rose Wilson

Others were less bothered by Sophia’s outspoken support for Trump in high school, but many were irritated by her racist remarks. Sophia doesn’t have a leading role, and many Euphoria fans are pushing the show’s producers to simply fire her, as the proof continues to circulate.

This isn’t the first time a member of the Euphoria cast has been exposed for racist remarks made in the past. On the show, actress Ziayla Pizarro, who plays Elliot (AKA actor Dominic Fike’s) cousin, has been chastised for using the N-word and R-word during an Instagram Live as well as a series of tweets. During the Livestream, Ziayla even stated that she is not Black, but that “half her family is Black,” and that she is of German and Puerto Rican ancestry.

The supporting cast of Euphoria has a number of flaws, many of which should not be overlooked. At this point, production has yet to respond to the new evidence, but if that changes, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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