The third season of ‘Euphoria’ has sparked a flurry of fan theories!

Euphoria, HBO’s acclaimed drama series, has been renewed for a third season, and fans are already speculating about what will happen next on social media.

Euphoria, an HBO Max series, is now halfway through its second season. Season 2 has so far been jam-packed with all the drama, from a much-dreaded love triangle involving Jules, Rue, and Elliot to Cassie, Maddy, and Nate’s tension reaching a breaking point.

And, as if all of the on-screen action wasn’t enough, Euphoria fans were ecstatic when the show’s creators stated that there will be a third season! Season 3 of HBO’s Euphoria will premiere this fall, according to HBO Max.


Are we really surprised that Euphoria has been renewed for a third season, given how popular the first two seasons were, with Zendaya even winning an Emmy for her leading role? Fans are clearly excited for season 3, but before the Season 2 conclusion, some social media users are sharing their predictions for what will happen next.

And, yes, some of these fan theories are completely insane! On TikTok, one user deconstructed the episode 5 teaser and hypothesized that everyone will learn about Cassie and Nate based on Cassie and Lexi’s faces in the clip.

Another TikTok user said that she believes Nate is the infant in the photo and that he has an older brother. What is her proof? The scene where Cal says he hasn’t been to the pub in 25 years, despite the fact that the older brother in the house is not 25. Another TikTok creator anticipated Rue’s death at the end of episode 4: “Rue actually dies at the end of episode 4.”

Rue gets a vision of herself at church, where she reunites with her father, apologizing for how she’s acted and admitting she’s a nasty person while on drugs, as you may recall. It’s a tense scenario, prompting Jules and Rue’s mother to fear the worst, that Rue had overdosed.

This Euphoria fan used a clip from episode 2 in their TikTok, in which Rue speaks in an almost omnipresent tone about her interaction with Jules after she called her out for acting shady. They also pointed out that in the movie montage, where Rue sees herself and Jules in legendary films, all of the characters Rue portrays die in their respective films. Rue is dead, according to their hypothesis, and is now telling the story from beyond the grave.

For the time being, there’s no indication on when Season 3 of Euphoria will air, but we’re hopeful it won’t be too long after Season 2. We’re excited to see what happens in Season 3!

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