Ethiopian parliament lifts the state of emergency earlier than expected

In the second-largest African country, a deadly struggle between the government and dissident rebels may be employing Diplomats who are mediating between the two sides are cautiously optimistic after the Ethiopian parliament agreed to lift a six-month state of emergency immediately. In November 2021, Ethiopia declared a state of emergency.

This came after tigran forces invaded two other regions and threatened to take over the capital in December, the government pushed forces the Tigran forces back the government detained citizens without charge and searched homes without a warrant thousands of Tigran civilians were held in prisons and warehouses the decision to lift the state of emergency came three weeks after cabinet approval out of 312 lawmakers 633 opposed the motion while 21 abstained a government official told lawmakers that the state of emergency was restricting tourism and economic activity thereby causing more damage than benefits.

However, the opposition leaders say lifting the state of emergency to please the diplomatic community was premature Ethiopia is currently facing a worsening humanitarian situation a state-appointed rights commission pointed out that some human rights were not being upheld after the emergency was imposed detainees included elderly people mothers children police deny targeting any ethnic group saying they only targeted suspected supporters of the t grey people’s liberation front.

The TPLF has dominated Ethiopian politics since before Abiy Ahmed came to power back in 2018. Afterward, relations between the two sides took a major hit war erupted in November 2020. the united nations have said that it believes that international mediators are making progress the united states has welcomed Ethiopia’s decision to lift a state of emergency Washington has urged the Ethiopian government to promptly release people detained during the conflict in December a rights organization said the Tigran civils had been attacked and killed in the conflict people allegedly faced life-threatening conditions including torture starvation denial of medical care it alleged that Ethiopian government-aligned forces it’s objective Tigran women and girls to rape gang rape sexual slavery sexual mutilation other forms of torture.

(Image Source: The Guardian)

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