Emma Chamberlain reveals why she abandoned her TikTok Account

Emma Chamberlain shocked fans when she decided to remove her TikTok account, which had over 10 million followers, and she just explained why on her podcast, “Anything Goes.”

Emma Chamberlain is one of the internet’s most famous influencers, with over 11 million subscribers on her primary Youtube channel. Emma became an online sensation when she started blogging in 2017 and swiftly spread to other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Emma Chamberlain reveals why she abandoned her TikTok Account

Emma was pretty much certain to have a built-in subscriber base of followers when she eventually set her sights on TikTok after the app exploded in popularity in 2018. When her account mysteriously vanished, the influencer was well on her way to attaining 11 million TikTok followers.

Emma announced on Instagram Stories on December 14th that she was permanently deactivating her TikTok account, leaving followers perplexed. “Good riddance,” she captioned a photo of herself deactivating the account on Instagram.

Though Emma’s decision may appear…surprising, she provided a completely reasonable explanation: TikTok was a complete waste of her time. Emma recently discussed her choice to uninstall the app after using it everyday for over two years on her podcast “Anything Goes,” and opened up about her connection with social media, notably TikTok.

Emma discussed how the app had badly damaged her mental health in the episode “two weeks without tiktok,” stating that TikTok had previously caused her to have a full-blown “mental breakdown.” Because of its carefully designed algorithm and the “for you” tab, TikTok has a reputation for being a very addicting social media network.

Although you may follow producers, the bulk of people’s attention is drawn to the “for you” tab, which features an endless stream of videos that the app predicts you will watch. Emma described how she would frequently go for her phone and scroll through the app for hours while performing boring things like as working out, waiting at the doctor’s office, or simply lounging in bed as a result of this.

However, during the podcast, Emma discussed the app’s real-life repercussions and stated that she had a “issue” with it. “I don’t believe I knew how terrible the situation was until I completely removed TikTok from my life.” “As ridiculous as that may sound, it has truly been a life-changing event,” Emma continued. It’s astonishing how much I’ve discovered,” she said, before discussing how TikTok had a significant impact on her sleep routine. “I stopped laying in bed as much within the first few days after deleting TikTok because I was bored in my bed.”

Emma, on the other hand, has turned a new leaf and understood that her app addiction was affecting her capacity to be present in her daily life as well as harming her mental health. Emma urged listeners to consider how seemingly insignificant behaviours may have far-reaching repercussions in one’s life.

So, don’t expect to see Emma on TikTok again, because she’s made it obvious that her account is permanently deleted. Emma’s Youtube channel, Instagram page, and podcast are all still up and running, so there’s plenty of Emma stuff to go around. It’s just another reason why we like Emma for her candour, honesty, and, of course, her brilliance and clever humor.

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