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The well-known transgender model and TikTok sensation Dylan Mulvaney got to visit President Joe Biden in the Oval Office to talk about her transition and the country’s transgender concerns.

Ulta, a retailer of cosmetics, is facing intense criticism for tweeting a snippet from the second episode of its brand-new podcast. Transgender lady Dylan Mulvaney, who is biologically a man and who is the podcast’s guest, says it hasn’t felt like it’s been long enough to feel like a woman, has been documenting the first few weeks of being a girl.

Mulvaney has been invited by President Joe Biden to visit the White House and speak with the president, according to the TikTok celebrity. This involves acting in ways Mulvaney believes girls would behave, such as running around in high heels while enjoying nature before yelling at bugs. Mulvaney uploads videos to TikTok of herself performing “female stuff.”

The selection of Ulta to represent women and girls was met with disapproval on Twitter. Comments on the video have included requests for boycotts of Ulta, comparisons to blackface, claims that it features two grown adults who have never known girlhood and descriptions of Mulvaney’s actions as “offensive caricatures of womanhood.”

Mulvaney delivered a speech at the Forbes Women’s Summit in September when she encountered many of the same criticisms. Anti-trans people who are condemning and calling for a boycott of the business because it recently featured a transgender influencer in a video have received a response from Ulta Beauty.

Over 16,000 people have seen the Mulvaney episode of the Ulta podcast on YouTube as of Monday. More than 348,000 people have seen a clip from the interview that Ulta Beauty released on Instagram on Friday.

Some anti-trans people blasted Ulta for featuring Mulvaney and Lopez in a discussion about femininity and beauty on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, despite the fact that the majority of viewers of the video backed the influencer and the cosmetics company.

Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney

Transgender actor, comedian, and content creator Dylan Mulvaney. According to IMDB, Mulvaney also received the Tiktok Trailblazer award for her popular “Days of Girlhood” series, which followed her transition process.

In the “Book of Mormon,” the actress also portrayed Elder White. They claim that Mulvaney is renowned for providing viewers with a kind and open glimpse of the trans experience.

Mulvaney has previously encountered anti-trans internet rhetoric and has frequently replied in public with positivity and humor. She has also maintained her commitment to helping the trans community by remaining honest about her existence as a trans woman in spite of any negative feedback she receives.

How old is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney was born on December 29, 1996, in San Diego, USA, she is 25 years old.

How Rich is Dylan Mulvaney?

The estimated Net Worth of Dylan Mulvaney is between $500K to $1 Million USD.

Dylan Mulvaney

(Image Source: Dylan Mulvaney Instagram)

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