During the fifth wave of COVID-19, Hong Kong will implement widespread testing

Hong Kong is dealing with one of its most serious problems. The omicron variant is driving the COVID outbreak; thus, the city requires mandatory testing for the whole population, and researchers expect that new infections will peak at 180 000 per day next month.

The city leader Kari Lam has announced testing the entire population for covid 19. The testing will begin in mid-march for its 7.4 million residents, and stringent rules will be in place until mid-April. Lam reiterated the city’s dynamic zero coverage strategy similar to mainland china which aims to eradicate any outbreaks at all costs. The authorities have ruled out that citywide lockdown schools will break Ali for summer and resume the news session in August.

It would take up to three months to stabilize a surge in infections, and Daily testing capacity will reach one million as residents would need to test three times,

Since the start of February, daily infections have surged by around 70 times. As the city attempts to stifle the virus, the city’s government has made more plans for isolation facilities to take some strain off the health care system.

Ten thousand isolation units will be built in two new community facilities with the help of China, and some 114 Chinese medical personnel arrived in hong kong on Saturday, it was the second batch that has been sent from the mainland, and according to researchers at the university of hong kong, their updated study shows the number of daily deaths potentially peaking at near 100 by late March.

Cumulative deaths could potentially rise to around 3200 by mid-may. Moreover, in the absence of intensive social distancing measures, the trajectory of the fifth wave is unlikely to change. Lam says the city’s vaccination rate should reach around 90 percent for one dose by March, which currently stands at 86 percent, and hong kong already has some of the world’s toughest rules to curb covid 19. The restrictions were first imposed in 2020.

In hong kong, compulsory testing orders have been implemented that’s basically a mandatory test for anybody who lives in a building where there have been multiple cases recorded in recent days, and there have been queues of people lining up on the street through rain and wind in the last few days trying to get those tests done. Now, what the governments are doing to extend that program is a citywide mass test, the first of its kind in hong kong starting next month.

Every one of the city’s residents will be tested on three separate occasions across the month of March and also be required to undergo self-testing at home. Now anybody who tests positive will be isolated at a wide range of facilities, and some will be newly built or currently being built large-scale isolation facilities, and others may even be public housing units or hotel rooms that have been handed to the government by the private sector in order to help out with this as the hospitals continue to feel the strain from this growing outbreak.

(Image Source: Reuters)

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