During Anti-Coup Rallies Security Officers shot and killed a Sudanese Man

Thousands of people gathered in Sudan’s capital, Khardung, to protest last year’s military coup, and as a unified nation, human rights experts came into the country, a Sudanese man was shot and killed by security officials.

Regular protests have rocked the northeast African country since its army chief led a military takeover in October in a violent crackdown on the protests, at least 81 people have been killed and hundreds wounded on Sunday a 51-year-old man was hit with a live bullet to the chest and this brings the death toll in the crackdown on anti-coup protests to 82.

Thousands rallied in the capital cartoon on Sunday, the protesters carried Sudanese flags and posters of others killed during the demonstrations. In recent months and the security forces used tear gas to try to disperse the protesters who were heading towards the presidential palace and tear gas was also used in nearby Omdurman and north cartoon.

Amid the protest the united nation human rights expert Adama Dieng is visiting Sudan and the UN special representative Volker Perth said on Twitter that he met with the rights expert Tiang on his first official visit to Sudan and Adayang is said to meet senior Sudanese government officials human rights defenders heads of the un entities and diplomats.

Security authorities in the capital have called on protesters to assemble in public squares to avoid more clashes with forces, Sudan has repeatedly denied opening fire on protesters and human rights watch has quoted witnesses detailing how the security forces have used both life ammunition up ended Sudan’s transition to democratic rule.

Demonstrators are demanding the establishment of a fully civilian government to lead the transition. What we’re seeing in Sudan is a call for civilian power and from the civilians themselves we’re seeing a lot of persistence we’re seeing a lot of consistency from the civilians despite threats here and there from the military who have a high hand right now.

They have the civilians have vowed to keep protesting in one way or the other, demonstrating and ensuring that they get what they want and that’s what they want which is a civilian government well the united nations have been talking about it the African union is talking about it but at the end of the day it is the civilians in Sudan who are leading the protests and they know what they want, we’ve seen them getting what they want when they rallied against I mean the former president Omar al-Bashir they got that and they are determined to get it this time.

Right now the international community showing its tough stance towards Sudan’s military rulers. Right now, the united nations got experts who’ve gone to visit the country probably to see if they can find a compromise but the civilians are not very happy with the UN because the UN kind of barked at the agreement that Mr. Hamduck the former prime minister signed around November last year and they felt that was a disservice to the citizens.

Because it kind of also included the military then so the UN has to do more to encourage the people of South Sudan the African union has to do more to encourage south Sudan but at the end of the day if the citizens persist like this like we have seen then most probably the military will back down or probably find a solution because right now the citizens don’t want a compromise they want a fully-fledged civilian government.

So with such persistence, the international community just needs to back the civilians one or the other, and probably the mini the military will indeed back down.

(Image Source: Reuters)

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