Does Really 190,000 Troops Now Surrounded Ukraine?

Tensions have risen in the previous 24 hours, according to claims that 190,000 Russian forces have encircled Ukraine. The bombardment in eastern Ukraine continues, and Russia appears to be increasing tensions once again, this time with a nuclear provocation, as well as additional recordings from Donbas.

In the video circulating on social media, one of the shells fell on a house and a man was seen desperately trying to put out the fire, The Ukraine says it has recorded 60 ceasefire violations in 24 hours. Who is behind the shelling? Ukraine is blaming Russian separatists one soldier is injured.

In a Press conference, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said “you are already aware that the enemy has shelled Ukrainian territories with heavy artillery banned by Minsk agreements civilian infrastructure at Stanytsia Luhanska was damaged at least two people were hurt in Marinka
one civilian and one servicemen have been injured troyt’s cake came under fire from a tank.”

As the shelling continues, the Russian-backed separatists have ordered an evacuation and they want people living in Donetsk to move to Russia separatists to say Moscow has agreed to provide accommodation to those who leave and women children and the elderly should be evacuated first. Why is the significant these separatists say that Ukraine is preparing to launch an offensive?

Separatist Leader Denis Pushil said to the news outlet that “the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy shortly will give the order for his soldiers to go on the offensive temporary escape will protect your life and health and that of your relatives.” As if on cue the Russian president also issued a statement he referred to eastern Ukraine and said the situation there is deteriorating. Putin said, “right now we are seeing a deterioration of the situation in Donbas.”

Is this the beginning of an invasion? Vladimir Putin is raising the stakes a massive nuclear drill is being planned for tomorrow, usually they happen in October but this time Moscow has moved up these drills the Russian president plans to personally oversee this exercise. Bella Russian leader Alexander Lukashenko is invited to remember Belarus shares a border with Russia with Ukraine also with Russia. Russian forces are already conducting drills in Belarus till the 20th.

They’re within striking distance of Kyiv, Lukashenko is a loyal partner for Putin and he has offered to host Russian nukes in the past. Now, Moscow wants to remind the world that it is a nuclear power tomorrow’s exercise will involve Russia strategic forces and they will conduct multiple practice launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, In the past two days Russia says it has also withdrawn some troops and throughout it has maintained that it will not start a war but Kyiv is not taking chances. The Ukrainian forces have launched drills of their helicopters tanks and ground forces will train for the next 10 days and although Ukraine denies the possibility of a large-scale Russian invasion its top ally the united states insists that war is imminent. America says Putin must demonstrate that he won’t attack.

Earlier, US president Joe Biden spoke and said the threat of a Russian invasion remains quote-unquote very high. America’s assessments are being mocked at first they said an invasion is imminent and then they said it would happen on the 16th of February and 50,000 civilians will be killed and then they said it could happen any day, this has been going on for more than three weeks.

Now, here’s the latest from US intel it says a Russian invasion could play out in three stages, stage one Russia will manufacture a pretext a violent event it can be real or fake this is what the Americans are saying something that will that Ukraine will be blamed for and stage two is theatrics according to them Moscow will convene emergency meetings proclamations will be issued from the kremlin they will declare why Russia needs to respond militarily to the so-called crisis and stage 3 is an attack on Ukraine Russia will strike Ukraine with bombs communications will be jammed there will be cyberattacks on Ukrainian institutions this is what the US assessment says.

The united kingdom is going one step further and it says that Vladimir Putin has already made up his mind he will invade and Russian false flag operations have begun.

(Image Source: USA Today)

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