Demonstration in South Africa against ‘illegal’ migrant labor

However, in South Africa, anti-immigrant sentiment is on the increase, with approximately 2000 people protesting in Heilbron, near Cape Town, against what they described as illegal migrant laborers. The rallies are part of a project called Dadula, which in Zulu means “drive back.”

Now the movement has recently gained traction in the country plagued by record unemployment and also poverty has been worsened by Covid in recent weeks and the cause of protest has been staging demonstrations against undocumented migrants.

The protesters turned up in a mob of 700 at a migrant center in South Africa’s Soweto township, last weekend the same movement had held a protest outside of a supermarket and they were demanding the sacking of foreign workers who were employed there and these are the people who are extremely angry with foreigners. They are accused of taking their jobs competition for jobs and has of course spawned a lot of resentment amongst predominantly the jobless youth in the country.

unemployment in South Africa is currently at 35 and is rising to nearly about 65 percent amongst the youth. One of the protestors said, “our space is occupied by illegal foreigners who happen to be selling drugs on the street most of all they are taking a very simple job that should be done by poor south Africans that do not need any skills.”

Now in the past xenophobic protests have largely culminated into violence in 2008 attacks against foreigners left at least about 62 people dead while another seven were killed in similar such unrest in 2015.

In 2019, the armed mobs descended onto foreign-owned businesses around the financial hub of Johannesburg and now the ensuing clashes left at least about 12 people dead. However, the Dracula movement leaders say that this is a very pacifist kind of a movement and now one of the leaders who are of course leading this operation has said that he’s simply seeking to restore law and order.

Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini who is the leader of Operation Dudula said that “we are here for an operation and we are here to prove the whole world and us to prove the south african police very long we are not criminals.”

Now, according to the police sources, law enforcement is of course keeping an eye on these demonstrations. Earlier, this week president Cyril Ramaphosa had said that the authorities were very closely watching pockets of groupings at the beginning of the month.

The government also said that it is working on a law to install some kind of a quarter system for foreign workers in South African companies in a country that follows about 60 million people and there are almost about 3.9 million foreigners including political refugees human rights watchers said that foreigners are often made the escape votes for the internal problems of south Africa which happen to be one of the most world’s most unequal societies.

(Image Source: Bloomberg)

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