Cardi B’s Hairdresser Deliberately Messed Up Her Wig?

Cardi B isn’t one to keep you in the dark about her thoughts. When she realized a hairstylist had given her a poor New Year’s look, she didn’t hold back on Instagram Stories.

Even celebrities with access to some of the world’s most brilliant hairstylists have poor hair days from time to time. In Cardi’s opinion, the stylist who crafted her New Year’s Eve appearance didn’t quite deliver on their promise. Cardi B slammed the haircut in an Instagram story video, claiming she was set up by the stylist.

Cardi B's Hairdresser Deliberately Messed Up Her Wig

“I feel like they’re on this,” she says, “and I don’t like it, so I’m going to do some hilarious stuff… due to deadass… Why did this hairstylist style my hair in this manner… (join the dots)… “Take a look at my hair, dude… “and take a look at how cheap this wig is…” “If the New Year starts terrible, that means good sh*t going to happen,” Cardi explained, attempting to change her mood. Cardi later shared cute photographs of herself and her daughter Kulture standing on a fancy automobile while wearing identical Chanel earmuffs, fur coats, and black leggings on Instagram.

While wearing high-end brands on a child may appear excessive, Cardi has a reason for how she clothes Kulture. “If I’m fly and daddy’s fly, then so is the kid,” Cardi stated in response to criticism on Twitter.

Cardi and Kulture have been spotted wearing similar Burberry outfits and carrying Hermes bags in pink. To match her stylish mama, the toddler wears a diamond-encrusted Patek Philippe watch. Returning to the wig issue, she appears to be wearing the same New Year’s wig in the photo. We doubt she’ll be wearing it for much longer, based on her reaction to it. In fact, Cardi was still furious over her hair two days later. “Sooo can I wear the outfit again?” she said on Twitter, asking admirers if her garment was worth recycling for another event. “The gown is deserving of recognition.”

“Yes yes yes yes, is that even a question?” one Twitter commenter encouraged her to wear the dress again. “YES!” said a slew of other fans. IT IS DESERVING OF JUSTICE! Just take a peek.” Cardi looks fantastic, in my opinion. And that’s despite the fact that her full appearance cost an estimated $21,000,000.00.

Cardi didn’t name the hairstylist who did her hair, and it’s difficult to fathom someone doing a horrible job ON PURPOSE… However, we’ve all been in the position of disliking our hair at some point. And we’re guessing whoever created the look is remorseful, knowing how displeased Cardi is right now!

(Image Source: Cardi B Instagram)

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