Bolsonaro promised government aid after over 160 people are killed in Brazil floods

Over 160 people have been killed by mudslides and floods in Brazil’s Petropolis, which is now experiencing its highest rains.

In almost a century the downpours turn the streets in Petropolis into violent rivers of mud sweeping away trees cars and buses and destroying hundreds of houses triggering deadly landslides in the poor hillside neighborhoods.


Over 800 people are currently being housed in emergency shelters and the mayor’s office has urged the residents to stay home except in case of emergencies.

Several Brazilian families mourning the loss of their loved ones buried the bodies of their relatives with the city currently at a standstill three days of mourning has been declared.

Brazilian president Jar Bolsonaro has pledged federal assistance after he flew over the site of tragic mudslides and the president called the destruction an image of war and added that he wanted to relieve the suffering of the locals.

Bolsonaro said in a press conference that “we located an area where there has been intense destruction we also saw areas with damaged houses and damage caused by erosion it’s almost an image of war, unfortunately, we could see the seriousness of what has happened here in Metropolis.”

Metropolis often known as brazil’s imperial city is a popular tourist destination and it is used to be the summer getaway of Brazilians.

The royalty downpours are currently continuing here and increasing the climate of fear and anguish, it is still unclear how high the steadily rising death toll will go it is also unlikely that there will be any more survivors under the wreckage.

The devastation was however largely predictable to some degree and it was even preventable there have been repeated warnings about the risks of mountainside construction with rapid urbanization and poor planning now leading to deadly landslides with tragic consequences.

(Image Source: Hindustan Times, CNN)

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