Bill Gates was in Islamabad, and this is what he was up to

Pakistan received a very special guest on February 17th: Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest man and co-founder of Microsoft. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, invited him, and he couldn’t help but emphasize that he came at my request.

In a self-assuring tweet, the question is what for why did Bill Gates go to Islamabad to discuss the elimination of polio. Now, for the unburst, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is part of the global polio eradication initiative and Pakistan is among the only two countries in the world where the poliovirus continues to paralyze children the other one in Afghanistan.

So, Bill Gates went there to assess the progress Pakistan is making also to provide some humanitarian assistance, but despite these gestures, he seems to have upset certain Pakistani citizens women, in particular, that’s because he did not meet them there were no women present in any of his meetings and Pakistani activists are raising this a fierce debate is on people are sharing pictures of his interaction slamming the Pakistan government for the lack of representation and questioning bill gates for not trying to reach out to them.

They’re sharing reports like these pointing out how Pakistani women have been at the front lines of polio eradication despite all odds how they’ve been leading anti-polio campaigns and working in difficult border regions and persuading families to immunize children. Last we checked the gates foundation had not acknowledged their complaints the Pakistani opposition meanwhile is slamming Imran khan for insulting bill gates they’re sharing a picture of him seated on a revolving chair
which they say was no way to treat a foreign guest.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has called it rude and arrogant and Ahsan Iqbal another opposition leader says it shows how Imran Khan has an inflated ego, he shared some figures on how Microsoft was worth more than Pakistan’s entire GDP and how its annual revenue is more than Pakistan’s total annual exports.

It’s amusing that political discourse in Pakistan has fallen to such a level where politicians do not hesitate in insulting their own country, look at this headline a minister in Pakistan has asked people to use less fuel to avoid a price hike and his name is Shibli Faraz he’s the federal minister for science and technology and he wants people to reduce fuel consumption if they don’t prices will rise he says.

Shibli Faraz in an interview said “We can only hope that the prices come down. If possible, we should also lower fuel consumption. Because in tough times you have to adjust, life can always stay normal.”

You heard that life can’t always stay normal you’ve got to adjust, how about telling this to Imran Khan? he’s struggling to adjust to the changing political dynamics and the army has abandoned him and the allies are conspiring against him and the opposition is planning a no-confidence vote and there are rumors of another nationwide movement we hope he has enough political fuel to adjust to these changes.

(Image Source: Geo TV)

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