Baci Perugina is Celebrating its Hundredth Anniversary in 2022

Nightly’s world-famous chocolate Baci Perugina is celebrating its centenary in 2022. For this chocolate confectionery in the central Italian city of Perugina 2022 is a milestone here it has been 100 years since the creation of its world-renowned chocolates Perugina is a charming Italian hilltop town but more than the sights it’s the famous chocolate that lowers the visitors the Perugina company was founded in 1907 the factory produces many brands including KitKat but none more famous than the hazelnut bakay the chocolate was created in 1922 by an innovative entrepreneur Luisa Spagnoli.

The role of Spagnoli is an extremely dynamic one a pioneer of what will become female entrepreneurship it was already strange to find a woman sitting on the border for a company let alone finding one who looked after the innovative aspects the recipes the products the activity concerning the products but she was an ingenious entrepreneur with a very modern spirit.

Large machines make nearly 2, 000 of these chocolates every minute eight hours a day more than 80 million backhoe chocolates are produced in a year for worldwide consumption life in Perugina revolves around the famous chocolate and its many chocolate stores the town is near the birthplace of san Valentino. One of the world’s best-known chocolates has now evolved in taste over 100 years the iconic Perugina back high hopes to sell many more chocolates with love notes ahead.

(Image Source: BaciPerugina)

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