As a result of this, Sydney Sweeney Cried LIVE on Instagram!

On Instagram Live, Sydney Sweeney revealed the horrific truth behind her emotional breakdown, which left her in tears. Sydney Sweeney, who recently came up about the very serious damage cyberbullying can have on people’s lives, is getting real about the haters.

Sydney became a viral sensation in May 2021 after she appeared in a sobbing Instagram Live in response to a viral post that said, “We can’t even believe I’m saying this out loud, let alone others making it trend and calling her “ugly” and insulting the way she looks.”

As a result of this, Sydney Sweeney Cried LIVE on Instagram!

Sydney broke down during her IG Live as she talked about how the trolling had affected her, saying she thought it was “very important for people to know how words genuinely hurt people” and crying. “And I know everyone says you can’t read things and you shouldn’t read things,” Sydney explained, “but I’m a f*****g person.” “People need to be nicer on social media because it’s very f***ed up,” she continued.

And, in an interview with Cosmopolitan for their February cover story, Sydney confessed that there were a lot more behind-the-scenes that contributed to her dramatic meltdown on Instagram Live. Sydney revealed that she had been scheduled to photograph a campaign with a lingerie business the morning before, but she had just begun her period and didn’t want to seem fat in the photos.

Sydney found “three or four pills of birth control and mix it with Advil or Tylenol and it’ll make you stop your period,” which she processed to do after a brief online search. To be honest, that doesn’t sound like a really good (or healthy) idea.

Sydney seemed dizzy and queasy shortly after coming for her shoot, and she admitted to being humiliated when she puked in the middle of it. “I was a shambles,” Sydney explained. I was completely humiliated. “I was disgusted at myself because I’m always so on top of things and professional,” she continued, “because I was jacked on so many different hormones.”

Sydney’s poor day was made even worse when she had a text message spat with a buddy. “So that happens, and I’m already weeping, throwing up, and then two seconds later, I go on Twitter and see that I’m trending,” Sydney explained to the publication. I’m reading all of these comments about how ridiculous my appearance is. I sobbed while on social media.”

She then went on to say, “‘Oh, she’s just searching for attention,’ someone said. People genuinely kill themselves over things like this,” he continued, before adding, “I went on for almost 12 seconds.” It didn’t occur to me that anyone would videotape it. I just needed to get it out of my system. Then it traveled everywhere and evolved into its own creature.” Sydney went on to say that she hadn’t expected others to film her IG Live and that she’s still “embarrassed” about the scenario months later.

“It’s something people deal with on a daily basis,” she remarked. Is it true that I’m embarrassed? Yes, of course. “I still don’t believe everyone will notice what I do.” We’re sad to hear Sydney is still ashamed, but we’re here to support her in speaking her mind, since abusing someone on the internet is just as detrimental as bullying someone in person!

For now, we can’t wait to watch Sydney conclude season 2 of Euphoria, and we’re excited to see what happens with Cassie, Maddy, and Nate before the conclusion.

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