As a result of the top court’s dismissal of Hungary and Poland’s legal appeals, they will forfeit EU money

The European Union’s highest court has dismissed the case, but Poland and Hungary, the nations that challenged the new EU weapon that would restrict financial resources for members that violate democratic principles, have won. The EU’s relationship with Poland and Hungary has hit a new low with Wednesday’s decision.

Remember Hungary and Poland have long been beneficiaries of the EU funds but the EU has now said to receive these benefits countries must uphold common European standards the two countries with their populist leaders have been accused of curbing human rights and also stifling freedom of courts and also of the media.

This ruling clears the way for the block to potentially cut billions in funding to both Poland and Hungary it also reaffirms the blocks strongest tool the so-called conditionality mechanism one that prevents shared spending from benefiting those breaking democratic laws the ruling also raises some serious questions about EU’s future the feud between warsaw Budapest and Brussels damages the blocks cohesion.

It also makes it harder to agree on issues like climate and taxes the tensions weaken the EU’s hand when it comes to Russia and china affecting its standing as the international torch better for rights and values the dispute also sows tensions deep inside the European Union even as it seeks to project unity as tensions continue to escalate over Ukraine but Poland and Hungary interestingly have threatened to retaliate to the ruling by stalling other EU decisions that require unanimity on issues such as climate and foreign policy. Hungary has also slammed the ruling and has described it as a political one.

For now, though the rule of law disputes have already blocked Poland’s access to EU funding it no longer has access to nearly about 36 billion euros in pandemic recovery funds some equal to nearly about seven percent of the country’s GDP since having joined the block in 2004. Poland has been a top beneficiary of EU funding this has helped the country avoid recession and whether the pandemics’ economic fallout.

Meanwhile, Hungary’s track record on democratic rights has already cost the country pretty dearly it has lost access to seven billion euros in EU pandemic funds or almost about five percent of its GDP overall it is eligible for at least about 22.5 billion euros from the EU by the year 2027.

(Image Source: Politico Europe)

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