Arthur do Val Net Worth: How Rich is Brazilian Politician?

Arthur do Val (Arthur Moledo do Val) is a Politician, Entrepreneur, and Cyberactivist from Brazil. Recently, Arthur landed in the controversy after describing the Ukrainian refugee women as goddesses and easy because they are poor.

His private call leaked to the news outlet, and now the Brazilian opposition is demanding a resignation. Arthur made these remarks during his humanitarian visit to Ukraine. Last week, he went on a three-day journey to Ukraine to see firsthand the destruction caused by the war and raise awareness about Ukrainians’ situation.

On March 3, 2022, Arthur shared a picture of himself surrounded by the Molotov cocktails prepared by Ukrainian civilians. Later, Arthur also filmed the reality of a country at war, and his partner revealed that Arthur donated thousands of dollars. On March 4, the Brazilian media obtained this conversation after his comment about the Ukrainian women went viral, the opposition party demanding a resignation.

Here is the one recording where Arthur said this “I’ve just crossed the border on foot between Ukraine and Slovakia. Bro, I swear to you … I’ve never seen anything like it in terms of beautiful girls. The refugee queue … it’s like 200 meters long or more of just total goddesses,” and then he continued, “It’s some incredible s**t … the queue outside Brazil’s best nightclub … doesn’t come close to the refugee queue here.” Furthermore, in another conversation, he said, “Let me tell you, they’re easy because they’re poor.”

The Politician received major backlash from the opposition. After returning to his homeland, Arthur apologized and claimed that he was exhausted and had no water and food, which forced him to behave like this. However, Arthur’s apology will not work, and many requested justice, and others demanded the resignation.

How Rich is Arthur do Val?

Arthur do Val Net Worth
$500K to $1 Million USD

Arthur do Val

Arthur do Val is a Youtuber, Politician, Cyberactivist, Entrepreneur, and Social media personality. He is a member of the Free Brazil Movement, founded in 2014. He has a Youtube channel under the name Mamaefalei, and the channel has 2.72 Million subscribers during the time of writing. He started his channel on May 26, 2015, and his bio reads, “Since we are born, we are bombarded by information on how to see the world, how things work and how we should act. Isn’t it time we took more ownership of the way we listen, think and speak? So I invite you to spend a few minutes with me to inform yourself, question, and see the world in a very different way from this cloud of inertia in which we live.”

In 2015, Arthur began his career on Youtube after founding an opportunity to expose the Political party and their blind political militancy. In 2016, his video began gaining momentum and was well received by the viewers. Later, he went on to attain left-wing protests and question them about the plan behind these, and between June 2016 to July 2016, Arthur produced content around Free Brazil Movement (MBL) and met their coordinators.

On August 23, 2019, Arthur left the Democrats and decided to run for Mayor of São Paulo in the 2020 election. In the same year, Arthur was expelled from Democrats, and in next year he joined the party Patriota (PATRI) and the elite of the Free Brazil Movement and continued to run for Mayor of São Paulo.

The estimated Net Worth of Arthur Do Val is between $500K to $1 Million USD.

(Image Source: Twitter, NYPost)

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