After the death of a 9-year old victim, the death toll at Astroworld has risen to ten

A 9-year-old kid who was left struggling for his life following the catastrophic crowd surge at Astroworld earlier this month has regrettably died, becoming the tragedy’s tenth casualty.

The death toll has been officially upped to ten weeks after a tragic crowd surge at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival wounded hundreds of concertgoers. Travis is presently facing many lawsuits as a result of his participation in the events, which began on Friday, November 5th when supporters in the audience of roughly 50,000 rushed the stage at N-R-G Park in Houston.


Ezra Blount, 9, and his father, Treston, were in attendance at the ceremony. The father and son, both enormous admirers of Travis and his music, were listening to the rapper’s set just as the crowd began to swell. Ezra was seated in the rear of the throng, on his father’s shoulders. Treston passed out as the gathering grew too much for him to endure. Ezra was thrown off his shoulders and became lost in the mob.

He was crushed by the frantic mob surrounding him, and it was only after he’d incurred life-threatening injuries that a kind samaritan dragged him out. Ezra was taken to the hospital for his injuries, which included significant brain swelling and internal bleeding.

His family could only hope that Ezra would recover after being placed in a medically induced coma. However, Ezra’s family’s attorney, Ben Crump, published a statement on Sunday stating that Ezra had died on November 14th. “The Blount family today is grieving the unthinkable death of their darling newborn boy,” the statement continues.

This should not have been the result of taking their kid to a concert, which was supposed to be a happy occasion. The death of Ezra is tragic.” The message goes on to say, “For the Blount (BLUNT) family, we are dedicated to finding answers and justice. But tonight, in pain and prayer, we stand in solidarity with the family.” We are devastated by Ezra’s death, since he was a young 9-year-old child who enjoyed playing Fortnite and listening to Travis’ songs. NO ONE could have predicted such a disaster, including Treston, who admitted that he had previously attended an Astroworld Festival but that it was “nothing like” the most recent one.

Shortly before Ezra died, Treston told ABC Houston that his kid was “stoked.” He was all set to leave. I was like, “Oh yes, we gotta go, we gotta go see Travis live,” when I found out he was a big admirer of Travis Scott.” “We were in the back, far in the back, and I assumed, ‘Okay, this is fine,’ ’cause the front can get a bit wild,” Treston said of his son’s supervision throughout the event.”

However, things took a turn for the worst, and Treston was left devastated by the occurrence. While Ezra’s family did not place much responsibility on Travis, they did point out that police and security should have intervened. According to TMZ, Ezra’s family plans to sue Travis Scott, Live Nation, and a number of other companies for failing to “guard the health, safety, and life” of all concertgoers.

While nothing has been proven, it’s safe to presume that attorney Ben Crump and the family will file a separate lawsuit to compensate for Ezra’s death. Travis has remained relatively silent about the incident after releasing an initial apologetic video, however he did announce that he will cover all burial costs for the victims.

(Image Source: ABC News)

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