After a Hezbollah drone breaches Israeli airspace, Israel shoots missiles at it

The Israeli military said on Friday that it launched interceptor missiles after a drone launch from Lebanon breached its northern border, escalating tensions between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah organization.

The Israeli forces gathered their warplanes to track the drone after it entered the territory, hours later the investigations concluded that the drone had returned to Lebanon,

The Iran-backed Hezbollah group meanwhile has issued a statement claiming responsibility for the air incursion, Hezbollah said on Friday that it had sent the drone inside Israel to tour a targeted area and the incident comes just today after Israel shot down what it said was another drone from Hezbollah.

Earlier this week, the Hezbollah chief said that the group has been manufacturing military drones in Lebanon and has the technology to turn thousands of missiles into precision-guided munitions.

Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah said that “I want to say to Israel that your battle between wars led to excellent results for us and you lose.” Then, he continued “You do not win. I can announce that for many years, we have been able to turn our rockets, from which we have thousands, into precise missiles in cooperation with our brothers who are smart and in cooperation with experts from the Islamic Republic of.” Then, he added, “Turned our rocket into precise missiles and we do not need to move rockets from Iran.”

Israel and the Hezbollah group have been embroiled in a conflict since their month-long war in 2006 that ended in a stalemate, Israel considers the Iran-backed Hezbollah to be its immediate threat.

In August 2019, the two Israeli drones actually flew over Beirut and one of them exploded right across the street from the media and communication office for Hezbollah which is a civilian political kind of office in the southern suburb of Beirut, and also a few weeks back the IDF spokesperson declared that they have captured a Hezbollah drone and confiscated some of the footage.

This drone exchange is nothing new but what is new about Friday’s drone is that it flew for 40 minutes and an area of 70 kilometers without even notice and there were certain attempts to hunt it down but the Israeli defense system was not able to capture it so.

It is of concern for Israel, one because it flew for 40 minutes and 70 kilometers and it took data and gathered information and flew back safe, and two because it showed a kind of a glitch in the defense system and three because Hezbollah has shown over the years in Lebanon for the Israelis and the world that they always have something hidden. So, this might be only a test and who knows we might also have a different drone declared by Hezbollah that could fly further and for longer periods.

Hezbollah is not only any party in Lebanon it is the strongest party in Lebanon, it has an unshakable presence in the parliament and an unquestionable role and influence in governance. It has the support of its alliances internally and the support of almost half of the Lebanese citizens.

This happens when Hezbollah shows its presence on in the front against Israel and it is practicing its result, it is regaining emotional support of the Lebanese people as a protector and as a resistor from the Israeli threats because every day almost every week we have Israeli airstrikes targeting Syria and flying over Beirut.

Meanwhile, Lebanon and Israel are present at a certain table of indirect negotiations around the maritime border dispute around the gas and oil present in the Mediterranean waters and this is by the mediation of the united states and the united nations. So, this can also this drone Hassan can also be serving as leverage for Lebanon in that sense and we cannot also disregard that Hezbollah as Iran’s strongest armed ally in west Asia and some reports suggest that this front is also aligning with what’s happening between the Houthis and the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

(Image Source: The Washington Post)

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