After a fatal film set shooting, Alec Baldwin is being sued by a member of the ‘Rust’ crew

Alec Baldwin is being sued by one of the film’s crew members following a deadly accident on the set of Rust last month. A lawsuit has been filed against Alec Baldwin, only weeks after the actor unintentionally shot and killed cameraman Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza (SUE-ZA) with a faulty fake pistol.

According to a copy of the court filings obtained by the press, the film’s head electrician, Serge Svetnoy, is suing Alec, as well as the project’s armourer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and assistant director Dave Halls. Serge alleges in the records that he was injured by “discharge elements” from the explosion, and that the missile that hit both Halyna and Joel “narrowly” missed him as well.

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Serge went on to say that he was one of the first to arrive at Halyna’s aid just minutes after the gun was fired, and that he tried to keep her awake until help arrived. Serge disclosed in an Instagram post a few days after the horrific occurrence, “During the deadly shooting that killed Halyna and injured director Joel Souza, I was standing shoulder to shoulder with her. While she was dying, I was holding her in my arms. My hands were stained with her blood.”

Serge also stated in the complaint that he had known Halyna for over five years and that they were both from Ukraine, which is why they became good friends and even spent vacations with their families together. Serge further claims that the defendants’ alleged carelessness has resulted in his suffering “damage, including serious mental anguish.”

Serge also stated that he mentioned Alec in the complaint because he “owed a responsibility to Plaintiff and other crew members and performers on the Rust set to handle the Colt pistol entrusted to him by defendant Halls with appropriate care and attention for the Rust cast and crew’s safety.” He went on to say that it was Alec’s obligation to check the Colt revolver with the assistant director to make sure it didn’t have any live bullets in it. “This obligation also required [Alec] to handle the Colt revolver as if it were loaded, and to refrain from aiming it at anyone,” the complaint stated.

Serge has also accused Alec of making shortcuts to save money as one of the film’s producers, and is presently seeking undisclosed damages and a jury trial. What’s more unfortunate is that, according to Serge, the event did not even need Alec firing his Colt handgun. He was just meant to reach across his chest and take the pistol from his shoulder holster before aiming it at the camera, according to him.

Although the Sante Fe Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating whether criminal charges are necessary in the case, legal experts say Alec’s involvement as a producer exposes him to civil culpability. There were multiple violations of film production safety rules, according to crew personnel, and there’s also the mystery of who placed at least one lead bullet into Alec’s handgun.

(Image Source: EW, FoxNews)

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