15 years old Russian Skater Camila Valeeva Cleared by the Highest Court for Sports

After being cleared by the highest court for sports, Russian teen skater Camila Valeeva has come up with a fresh justification for her positive test during the Winter Olympics.

Evidence was presented to the arbitration panel on Sunday evening which heard the plea and cleared the 15-year-old gold medalist to carry on in the winter Olympics lawyers have claimed that Camila Valeeva had shared a glass of water with her grandfather who uses medication for a heart condition in the daily international Olympic committee briefing the chair of the disciplinary commission confirmed Valeeva’s argument for lifting her suspension.

Camila Valeeva

The 15-year-old skating style from Russia is at the center of a raging controversy at the Beijing Olympics the court of arbitration for the sport has ruled that she could carry on at the games even though she tested positive for a banned substance but the decision also puts a spotlight once more on doping by Russian athletes who are not allowed to take part at the games under their flag after the 2014 Sochi Olympics the world anti-doping agency president has expressed his disappointment with the decision.

But not everyone is against the 15-year-old skater several athletes have come out in support of Camila Valeeva after the ruling was announced the former American Olympic champion had tested positive for a banned substance when he was 16 years old the banned substance was found in his asthma medication rick diamond won a gold medal for America at the 1972 Munich games he’s now 65 years old and he shares his experience of being banned as a teenager.

(Image Source: America News)

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